Hi I am Taylor Scanlon, Logistics Chair. I am a sophomore at St Ambrose University. This is my second year being a part of Dance Marathon and the Entertainment and Logistics committee. This year the theme for FTsKating was Candy Land. Rivers Edge was decorated like the Candy Land to get everyone is the holiday spirit!

FTsKate blog pic 1.png

FTsKating is one of my favorite events that put together by Dance Marathon. This event has a lot to offer for everyone. At the event there is a bake sale, different raffle baskets, photo booth, hot chocolate, and Kiddos! During each of the skating times Morale will do the past years morale dance in the middle of the ice rink. Doing the morale dance in ice skates is really hard, but it is a ton of fun to try and do and watch everyone try and do it as well. FTsKating allows everyone to get the chance to meet the families in a different setting, and have fun with them.

FTsKate blog pic 2.png

This year at the event I got to hang out with the families, and create a better relationship with them. I got to skate around the rink Abigail, and her sister Elizabeth which was super fun to do. When I was skating with them Madi let me push her around the ice as fast as I could, while racing others around the rink. Getting to hang out with the kiddos in a different setting with them was so much fun.

FTsKate blog pic 3.png

The event is a great way to have some fun before finals start up. FTsKating is also a great way to get friends together and do something different together. My friends and I love going to FTsKating every year. Dance Marathon offers a dew different events throughout the school year and FTsKating is probably one of the best ones to attend.

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