Igniting Your Passion


“Think about what the goal of this organization is. What does it mean to you personally?”

I was sitting around a table with our 9 other directors, looking at each other and wondering how we put the year of DM 7 into such few words. When Haley Best asked us this question, the first word that came to mind was “passion.” We all looked at each other, and although we all have our different “why,” we all have that same burning passion that keeps us going.

How did we get here? What does it mean to “ignite your passion?”


Everyone’s path to finding their reason to keep going is different. I remember being on the community outreach committee my freshman year and not feeling the same fire within me that seemed to be in others. All year, I kept searching to find that spark. I thought maybe I just wasn’t focusing hard enough, or maybe I just didn’t have the passion that everyone else had. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I found my passion at the Big Event of SAU DM 5. I’m not sure I could even put a specific moment down as “the moment,” but I do know that I walked out of the Rogalski Center and knew I had more I needed to do. This was something that was bigger than any of us could ever be, and that fire continued to grow inside of me.

This passion is what pushes us to do more than we ever thought was possible. It’s what pushes us beyond limits, and motivates us to help others find their spark. Our passion is selfless; it’s what allows us to “empower their dreams.” This is what Dance Marathon is truly about. We don’t stand in the Rogalski Center for almost 14 hours because we love the way our feet feel afterwards- we stand because it symbolizes so much more than that. We stand because our standing, our fundraising, and yes, even our bad dancing, truly saves lives. We show kiddos that they aren’t fighting alone, and that we will continue to fight for them until we don’t have to anymore. We stand because we want their every dream to come true.

For those of you who don’t have that fiery passion burning inside of yourselves yet, don’t go looking for it. Instead, attend the SAU Dance Marathon 7 Big Event on March 30th. Come experience 13.1 hours of laughter, dancing, crying, joy, and the chaos that erupts in the Rogalski Center. Stand by our kiddos, dance with them, listen to their stories, and take in all that surrounds you. After these 13.1 hours, you’ll notice something is different. I hope that after attending SAU DM 7, you’ll find that a spark was ignited inside of you.

What you decide to do with your spark is up to you, but never underestimate the power of that passion that lies inside that flame.

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